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The Most Affordable Japanese Localization Rates & Prices in Japan

Competitively priced quality, professional Japanese localization really does cost less than you think, or probably heard!

Many businesses try outsourcing to off-shore "cost centers," figuring they can save a bundle (on rates & prices). Fact is, that’s not true!


Well, I'm sure you understand these centers, which are based outside of Japan, can never have the in-depth knowledge of Japanese culture, language and the domestic business market that a locally based agency, such as SAECULII, does. And, I bet they don't even use native localization specialists. The result is a lack of that all important integration of language, social and business culture, and technology which dents the image of trust and credibility you’re striving to cultivate. Can a real cost ever be put on that?

So while we may be a tad more expensive than those off-shore "cost centers," we won’t charge you high-street prices! In fact, you save money, time and effort with the first-class English Japanese localization that make your projects a success every time.

How do we charge?

Predicating cost and value is essential in business. That’s why we provide you a full costing, broken down and presented in an easy-to-follow format, upfront -- You will know exactly how much and for what you’re paying before the projects starts.

Here is what you will NOT get:

  • Hidden fees.
  • Any other charges that you have not agreed to in advance.

And, we also have a number of special discounts available to help you with those project costs!

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